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Write For Us
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Write for Us

We welcome new contributions based on peace and observing mindfulness in everyday life.

You can become a contributor to Momentary Peace – it’s simple, satisfying and helps other explore the peace of mindfulness.

This page will grow to reflect the featured authors who choose to contribute.

For, now, here are the submission guidelines.

Write Your Own Inspirations for Mindfulness

It’s a two step process

  • Take a quote from the canon of literature, spirituality, personal development, success coaching, inspiration or healing – in fact – it can be from any source of inspiration  so long as it is a quote.
  • Using the quote as a reference point, write a few paragraphs, around 300 words or so, on how the quote resonates with you. You might be feeling the exhilarating high of acceptance and love and want to reflect on how some quote really captures where you are at right now.  Or you might be excited about a new stage of life and be seeking re-assurance in another quote.  Or have experienced loss and be finding solace in the humble words of another.

The method is not new – it’s not unique – it’s pairing a global quote with your particular experience and creating a personal reflection.  In these words, you process the quote and your experience and others are immediately brought to the power of the moment.  And that is what we are seeking to capture – that momentary peace when we raise we are in the moment and experiencing the blissful awareness of the power of now.

Momentary Peace is a website devoted to that quiet contemplative space where you can truly be in the moment in everyday life.  For the vast majority of us, that is the best time of our lives, and the only real time of our lives we master.

Momentary Peace is a website designed with the community in mind – we always talked around the campfire of having a place where we could share and read about mindfulness outside of spiritual and religious sites.  It’s amazing how powerful it can be when the written word can inspire you or someone else – to tale action and transform a life.

Seriously – the complete randomness of the what you may read here can interact with your current life situation and hopefully provide you with the tools, mindset and skills to move in the best possible direction.  Even if that means sitting in complete meditative stillness.

It’s easy to see how your contribution could be the catalyst for another person’s complete transformation.  You never know – and the open endedness of the web means your content can be shared and re-shared endlessly from this point forward.

We were inspired to base the mindfulness content on quotes as a solid foundation from which to grow.

It’s as though we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

It’s a brilliant concept that has worked wonderfully elsewhere under different contexts and now we would like to bring mindfulness and the power of the moment together.

This is your invitation.